Wes Helms

Woodburn Dr. 

For what it's worth, your guys were incredibly professional, quick, and wonderful to work with in general. I will be recommending them to anyone that needs any tree services!

Pete Kerr

Sentry Ln.

Thank you for a job well done once again!

Sherry Lam

Oak Haven Rd.

Angie, thank you so much for your kind email. The men did a wonderful job, were courteous, efficient, and cleaned up so you would never know that anyone had been here. Except for the fact that the trees look in great shape!!

Once again we thank you for your kind and good service to us. You have a hard job keeping all yours customers happy when the weather puts you behind. But you are a good representative and I pray the very best for you as you continue in your work for Mencer's.

Christy Puettman

Harts View Drive

Dear Miles and Angie,

I had an urgent situation with an extremely large tree down. My brother was coming over with a chainsaw at 4 p.m. to tackle the problem, which was too large for even 10 men!! I panicked that morning and googled 'tree services in Knoxville, TN. They all mentioned that with my urgency and the amount of equipment and manpower it would take made this a very expensive and long process. Perhaps not their intent, but I felt taken advantage of. I made one final call to Mencer's around 1:30, and spoke with Mile's regarding my time crunch and situation. He quoted a more than fair price and answered the phone each time I called. One hour later, I had another man from a competing tree service company insist on stopping by. He was at my house, telling me that my situation requires a lot of labor and machinery and time therefore he gave a price three times higher than Mencers Tree Services gave me. While he was still at my home, Mencers Tree Services pulled up with an army of trucks and equipment/machinery and at least 10 men. (Mencers employs educated certified arborists.) Like a Knight in shining armor, Mencers and Miles cared enough about me as a customer to show up in a big way and get the job done professionally and swiftly, because they have the equipment and experience! The competitor, still at my house, felt pretty silly when I told him the price Mencers gave me as well as when he noticed the army of trucks and equipment and employees. Remember, this well known competitor told me it would be pricey to get the job done, and would take days. The job was done in one hour and the employees left my yard looking better than before the large tree came down. I would also like to emphasize the INTEGRITY OF MENCERS TREE SERVICES AND MILES!!! On a very busy day, even when he had much larger jobs going on around town, he cared about a customer whom he never met, and my situation. Instead of taking advantage, Miles was pro-active to help and rearranged and had the job done before 4 p.m! I also have since spoken with other friends and neighbors who had the exact same experience with Mencers Tree Service!! HANDS DOWN, I WOULD ONLY CALL THEM IN THE FUTURE!!!

Christi Arnold


Dear Mencers - I'm writing you this letter to tell you about my experience. I have 2 Bradford pear trees in my front yard that have been cut several times in the past. Mencers has been, by far, the best company I have ever used. The guys did a great job and were very quick, professional and thorough. The trees were quite large, yet they left no mess behind. They cleaned up every branch, leaf and even the pavement in the cul-de-sac after the chipper was moved. I will certainly recommend Mencers to my friends and neighbors and plan to use them again in the future. Thanks again!

Kathy Gotcher


We have used Mencer's Tree Service for many years. They just completed a job for us with excellent results. From their courteous office staff to the actual wood cutting team, our request was executed with speed and precision. We appreciate their expertise and professionalism and highly recommend to anyone needing trees removed or trimmed.

I highly recommend Mencer's for any tree work you need. I had a storm damaged tree in a precarious situation over the house and they responded promptly, even during a very busy post-storm time, quoted quickly and fairly, and were done with removal by 9am the following morning. Angie, Nick and Andy were all very professional and courteous.

Joe Cafferata


Today we saw and had the best equipped class act Company, they brought an army & took down 9 big trees & the only evidence that they were here is the logs we wanted to keep. We STRONGLY recommend Mencers.

Jay Acosta


Just had our third experience with Mencers Tree Service. I can't say enough on how awesome these guys are - Prompt, professional, best clean up, excellent service all the way around. You will not find a better price for what these guys do. More than just cutting down the tree. Thank you so much for the excellent job.

Kimberly Dalton


Joseph Manning


Completely removed a large river birch in my front yard. Rarely have I seen such a large job go so smoothly and so quickly. They came as I was leaving for work and when I came home at lunch, not only was the tree gone, but there was almost no evidence that they had been there--completely cleaned up. Very pleased!

Ron Nash


Mencer's cut and removed a large dead ash tree. It took a while to get them on site, primarily because of stormy weather in the area causing a lot of tree damage..once they got here, they were very professional in terms of equipment as well as personnel, and performance..very satisfied w/total project which was a large dead ash tree overhanging a play area..no playground equipment was damaged..would recommend to anyone w/large dangerous type project.

Paul Pier


Cut down a willow tree that was half dead and later ground the stump.This was the second or third time I have used Mencer's Tree Service and I have been pleased each time. They showed up with a crew of about seven and all the right equipment. It was a pleasure to watch the teamwork. Each man seem to know this job and performed it well. The tree was cut down, run through chipper, site cleaned up and all was completed in only 30-40 minutes. These guys are professionals at what they do and the price was reasonable. I would definitely call on Mencer's again if the need arises.

Dana McLaughlin


We are very pleased with your services. Thank you for a fantastic job!

Dave Metz


Thanks to you and to the crew for making such short work of those four trees! The guys were very hard-working!

Tom & Sally Lacey


We are so satisfied with Mencer's Tree Service! Thanks for you excellent work and professional attitude. Will definitely recommend to others!