Emergency Storm Damage


Mencer's Tree Service specializes in emergency storm damage cleanup.

Severe storms can take a toll on your trees, and unfortunately can cause unexpected damage to your yard or property. Whether it is a tree fallen on a house or some other tree-related damage, Mencer's Tree Service is here to help you cleanup the storm damage. We are one of the most experienced, well equipped tree service companies in East Tennessee to handle your emergency storm damage needs. We have everything needed to quickly and efficiently get the job done right - and at a great price. At Mencer’s Tree Service we not only come out to address the damaged trees we will also do an assessment while on-site to determine if there are any other potential tree-related storm damage risks that require preventative care. Finally, we can also work with you and your insurance company through the claim process to make your life a little easier during the whole ordeal. 

If a tree damage happens give us a call and we’ll move quickly to get you back to normal. 

And, if you’re worried about possible storm related tree damage before the next heavy store we can help with preventative tree care as well. Contact us and we’ll send out a tree care professional to assess your trees for possible storm damage risks and layout a plan that helps mitigate that risk.