Neighbor's Tree

December 15, 2017

Tree service may be necessary if your neighbor’s tree is threatening your property. The threat of damage to your home shouldn’t be taken lightly. Call the professionals from Mencer’s Tree Service for expert advice when it comes to removing the tree.

If you and your neighbor are having a disagreement about the health of the tree, call the Knoxville arborist team from Mencer’s Tree Service who can come out to the property to diagnose the tree.

In some cases, all that may be needed is professional tree trimming or pruning. If the offending branches have been removed and the tree is still healthy, both you and your neighbor will be happy.

The tree-pruning experts from Mencer’s Tree Service can crown thin, remove the dead wood, and do some structural pruning giving the tree just what it needs to stay healthy. That old tree that used to be a nuisance can now provide the shade that you had always wanted from your neighbors oak tree, just not the dead branches that were threatening your home. Let the Knoxville arborists prescribe just what the tree needs to give both you and your neighbor peace of mind.

If the tree is weak, but could thrive with a custom support system, ask Mencer’s Tree Service Knoxville about cabling and bracing. If your neighbor’s tree is structurally week, the best tree service in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee can design a support system that is custom made to suit your needs.

Stop arguing with your neighbor and get your home ready for the holidays with the help of Knoxville Tree Service. Mencer’s Tree Service can provide you with everything you need to renew your friendship with your neighbor.

Call or click and talk to the team from Mencer’s Tree Service about that annoying tree on your fence line today. After all, wouldn’t you rather have a cup of coffee with Tim and Judy next door than argue over the fence? Call or click today.

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